Simplifying Moving & Home Improving for Consumers

Complicated and downright overwhelming at times – moving is reported to be one of the most stressful life events. Extensive researching, planning, and decision making are all involved when it comes to moving and home improvement. Fortunately, today’s consumers have technology and resources at their fingertips to help make moving and managing home improvement projects easier.

Technology to Simplify the Moving Process

Porch helps movers throughout the entire move process. By providing movers with a moving checklist, consumers can skip countless hours of research and organize their important tasks all in one place. Porch also recommends top-rated service providers to help movers evaluate their options and find the right services for their home. Consumers can also set up reminders, so an important task is never forgotten. Additionally, movers receive exclusive deals and offers through Porch, as well as a free Porch Home Assistant.

Streamlined Home Improvement Projects

On average, consumers spend $9,000+ in the first six to nine months after moving. With so many new home improvement projects and services to set up, it can be daunting for post-movers to find the best pros for their needs. Fortunately, consumers can now easily explore their options and find the right pro for the job with Porch’s free home assistant. To get started, consumers simply answer a few quick questions about their projects. Porch uses those answers to help them determine the pricing and the best pro for the job.

The free Porch home assistant matches consumers to one of their Porch Services pros and top-rated professionals in the Porch Pro Network, helping build relationships between homeowners and contractors. Throughout the process, a home assistant provides useful tools and resources whenever consumers are in need.

Proprietary Data-Driven by Porch Technology

Porch provides software and services to home services companies such as home inspectors, moving companies, and other home improvement companies. These companies work closely with movers across the move journey.

As a member of the Porch family group of companies, Porch Group Media has unique access to pre-mover data unlike any other data available on the market today. The result? The largest database of possible, likely, verified, and post-movers across the entire move cycle to power your question and retention strategies.

Download the MoverTech Solutions Overview to learn more about how we can power your mover marketing campaign’s performance.


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