The average financial impact of poor data quality is $9.7 million per year."


Marketers are more pressed than ever to provide seamless messaging and connected customer experiences. These meaningful consumer engagements can only be achieved with a foundation of high-quality data.

Porch Group Media has a long history of delivering first and third data quality and management solutions for hundreds of clients over the past 20 years.

Explore our data integration and quality solutions

man with customer data
  • Integrate numerous data sources residing in varying formats and multiple silos for near real-time customer insights
  • Proven scalability to grow as your business grows
  • Standardize name, address and product information
  • Match and link data across multiple fields
  • Organize and view your data in multiple ways, such as by household, individual, or account
  • Identify whether an email address is valid and deliverable
  • Reverse look ups for appended names, addresses or email addresses
  • Robust geocoding capabilities
  • Monitor data to ensure it remains accurate over time
  • Append demographics, phone number, lifestyle codes, automotive insights and behavior models with ease and speed

Data Management Solutions to Power Your Marketing Performance

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