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MoverTech Solutions Overview

Mover Marketing – Reinvented

For years, mover marketing hasn’t changed—little differentiation between vendors, few insights into pre-move indicators, and a focus on direct mail channels. Until now.

Introducing MoverTech, a new generation of mover marketing.

The solution is fueled by Porch technology, who provides software and services to home services companies such as home inspection and moving companies. Through these companies, Porch gains early access to homebuyers, seeing 90% of all houses bought in the U.S. per year. This proprietary source of information is combined with Porch Group Media’s rich foundation of marketing data and insight to form the MoverTech suite of mover marketing data and technology solutions.

Download our solutions guide and learn about our extensive suite of mover products and how you can turn new movers into new customers for your business.


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