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Moving Is One of the Most Economically Impactful Life Triggers

With more than $11,000 on average spent per move and a majority of movers making purchases before the move even begins, new movers present a major opportunity for brands to boost customer acquisition and drive revenue.

Are you engaging these audiences when it matters most? MoverTech is.

Target Movers Throughout the Entire Move Journey

MoverTech monetizes the entire move journey with insights into over 90% of all houses bought per year in the U.S.

Possible Movers

2+ months out
5MM Annually
2 in 5movers use online research to determine what brands to buy from

Likely Movers

8+ weeks out
2.8MM Annually
64% of movers purchase items before move-in

Verified Premovers

2–6 weeks out
4.94MM Annually
50%+find service providers before move-in


Moved in
26+MM Annually
$11K+average spend during a move

How it Works

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Turn New Movers and Homeowners Into New Customers

See for yourself how our proprietary new mover and homeowner marketing solutions can help you boost customer acquisition and curb attrition. Contact us today!