New Technology Brought to Mover Marketing

Did you know the move is one of the most economically impactful life triggers? With more than $11,000 on average spent per move, there are several major purchase decisions consumers have to make. Because of this, movers have a permission-to-buy mentality. In fact, movers spend more within the first six months of moving than they will in the next five years. This makes the mover audience a valuable marketing audience your brand can’t afford to ignore.

The most important part of engaging with new movers is being able to effectively reach them where they are in their mover journeys. Before, during, and after the move are all key opportunities to reach movers when they need your products and services the most. For many years, mover marketing didn’t have the technology to gain deeper insights into these consumers and was unable to make the most of these opportunities — until now.

MoverTech is a suite of proprietary technology and data solutions, driving a new generation of mover marketing. You can now target consumers with omnichannel and digital programs the moment a home is placed on the market —when consumers are making their most valuable purchase decisions.

Download the MoverTech Solutions Overview to learn more about how we can power your mover marketing campaign’s performance.

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