[Podcast] How to Engage Different Audience Segments

[Podcast] How to Engage Different Audience Segments

In order to successfully engage customers and prospects, marketers must be mindful that different audiences will require different tactics and messaging strategies. Amy Klenke, VP of Product and Delivery at Porch Group Media discusses further in this mini podcast.


Amy Klenke
VP, Product & Delivery
TBC Corporation
Luci Rainey
Former Marketing Executive
Comcast & PODS

*The following transcription has been adapted from the 5 Ways to Create Targeted Marketing Audiences to Drive Results Podcast.

How to Engage Different Audience Segments


I think that you should prioritize your audience first of all. For example, customers first, movers second, and in-market audiences third and customize the message wherever possible.

Sometimes it doesn’t make a difference if I’m running a program that targets movers and people I know are shopping for furniture for example. People who are getting ready to move, people who have just moved, people who are shopping for furniture, and people who are likely to be shopping for furniture based are an inferred model – I don’t necessarily need to split that message out. I can send the same message to all of them. However, for an existing customer, I’m going to need to send them a different message.

It’s fairly easy to do if you’re using the right software to separate them out and create some dynamic content that just fills in the different bits that you want for your different audience segments, but combines it into one campaign so that’s more efficient.


Question you, Amy. There are other companies that claim they target movers. There’s one that if I remember correctly, partners with the USPS. I saw another one on LinkedIn the other day that’s actually franchising this capability. Why is Porch Group Media different?

Because they’re everybody’s saying they do mover marketing and that they can identify movers, curate movers…What makes Porch Group Media different from the other companies that I just mentioned?


Well, what makes us different is that we have first-party data provided by people who are moving to the Porch Group of companies. And while we don’t release that, we do have access to it and therefore, are better able to vet out and tease out who’s really moving and who’s not.

Not everyone fills out a Change of Address form at the Postal Service. There are plenty of people who are moving who don’t do that. And plenty of times when you need to know before they move. And so, your more traditional mover data sources are not going to be able to do that for you.


Yeah, so you’re saying the more traditional ones are focused on post-movers, not pre-movers? We’ve talked today about how important it is to get to those pre-movers. That’s really the secret sauce difference.


Exactly. It’s the permission-based availability, and it’s also the timing that is so important with movers, and the fact that we know that they’re moving several weeks before anyone else really does give you an edge.


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