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What kind of in-market insights do you have for automotive companies?


We have our Auto ID database, which allows us to know the mix of vehicles in the household. That becomes really important because we also have our intent database which allows us to use mobile location devices to understand who is shopping for a car.

Because consumers have allowed and shared their GPS coordinates with their ad networks, we can determine who has likely bought a car. We can take then that seed audience and figure out and identify through predictive algorithms, which consumers are likely in market today for a vehicle based on who we think bought cars in the recent past. 

So we have audiences of in-market car shoppers and also by types such as a luxury vehicle ro a used car, or a specific brand. All of those audiences are readily available through Porch Group Media.


Todd is not giving himself enough credit because that in-market model for automobiles has been tested against all the industry leaders and I’m not going to see who they are here, but we all know who they are, and, Todd’s model actually beat all of them on a response level and attribution level. 

I think the reason why it works so well is because it’s based off of actual transaction data, and actual ownership data, and actual behavior data. It’s also refreshed off of that data on a monthly basis. And then it trends up on a 90-day basis so we’re able to actually predict who’s going to buy an automobile the next 90 days.

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