What to Expect from a Porch Group Media/Strategus Campaign

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It’s just really an amazing offering. Tell us about what a campaign looks like. Charlie, we’ll start with you.


Strategus has a lot of consumer data, lifestyle data, and such that we’re going to be combining with the Porch data. But this might be the most important topic that we talk about because it shows what the user experience is going to be like.

And this is something this is highly progressive. This is state-of-the-art use of CTV and quite honestly, most agencies and clients are not doing this, including the big agencies.

What’s happening is people are settling for the reach extension that they get from connected television which is a TV mindset.

But if you have a digital mindset, you do this and what this is, as people get a CTV ad, we can then deterministically, which means following the same person in the same household, we then serve them other forms of digital advertising. So they get display ads, they get online video ads, they get ads on their phones, they can get online audio ads.

And those are measurable. The CTV is not – you can’t click on it. You know, they have QR codes and things so they are building more interaction. But right now this is state of the market and it’s a new reach and frequency model.

It’s a new way to think about reach and frequency, we reach them with the CTV ads and then we maximize the frequency with additional digital advertising and it’s the additional digital ads that drive them down the funnel.

So we found the vast majority of our campaigns look like this, including the case study we’re going to look at shortly. And we get exponentially better results.

So when you market this way, which is what we’re going to be doing with the Porch Group Media Network, you’re going to get exponentially better results, and a lot more measurement then you would just running a CTV ad for reach only.

And it’s worth noting this additional media, particularly display, is a lot less expensive so it brings the overall cost of a campaign way down. So it’s not only the most effective way to use CTV, it’s also the most efficient.


Michelle, anything to add?

I can add that we then add in things like email acquisition to that same audience or we add in direct mail to that same audience. And so we take all of the capabilities and the audience execution that Strategus has and combine it with what Porch Group Media also offers. And that’s where we get really full channel capabilities, offline and online.

And then take it all the way down to sales conversion analysis, which is really the period at the end of the sentence.


I love the fact that you’re adding the Strategus capabilities because I think one of the frustrations with CTV is all the fragmentation and how you have to execute it in such a fragmented manner and Strategus kind of takes that off the table.

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