The Shift from Media Planning to Audience Planning

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Todd, we talked a few weeks ago about privacy and the need to really build your first-party data access. And that’s whether you’re marketing directly to your own customers or you built a prospect database or you’re leveraging that first-party data through different media networks.

Tell us a little bit about the advantage of the first-party data that Porch Group Media offers in this move and homeowner journey and how that really supports driving those signals and purchase intent.


Because of Porch and the software they offer, we get these rich signals from moving individuals in real-time.   These consumers are either getting home inspections, applying for mortgages, or exhibiting those other very strong, clear intent signals, but then we as Porch Group Media are able to use that consumer intent and apply analytics to understand their identity and then map that identity to the different touchpoints that brands want to use in order to communicate with that consumer. 

So if you’re scheduling a home service, such as a home inspector appointment, we are able to understand that and the next steps that the consumer will most likely take and the types of companies and brands that the consumers is probably considering as they’re planning your move, giving brands the opportunity to get in front of that consumer. They are critical insights but with that also comes the need to understand consumer privacy.

You might have been able to in the old days infer who someone was using their click data or some web streaming data. However, this is all coming under fire from consumer privacy protection groups as well as the operating systems and the browsers themselves.

Whereas through Porch, we have that 1:1 relationship with the customer and we are able to understand what they’re doing. We can then map them to those different devices so that brands can message them in a privacy-safe way.

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