Investing in CTV for 2022

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Everybody knows that the election season is coming up. And with the political season coming up next year and if you stick with linear, there’s going to be a lot of competition there. 

There’s going to be less space available and it’s going to get to be more expensive. I mean, that’s just what happens when you start preparing for election years, because they start buying a lot of extra space that they weren’t buying up before. 

Like Charlie had said, I agree that this year is a perfect time to at least test a CTV campaign. If you’re not testing CTV, you’re doing yourself a disservice, right? If you’re only relying on linear, especially with the amount of people that are cord cutters now.

I think that it’s growing every year. And, if you’re not a cord cutter, you have a both, right? My household has both. We have cable and we have all the streaming services you could possibly have, and we watch both of them, right? But you want to be able to catch those people, no matter where they’re at, and get as much impressions as you possibly can.

So, it’s not necessarily a doing one or the other. People have to figure out what that testing looks like for CTV compared to linear TV, and what that strategy looks like. This helps make the best decision as far as you can decide how much of your marketing budget that’s already in budget today, right? How much do you want in CTV versus linear OTT or whatever else you’re doing.

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