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The Porch Group Media Network through its partnership with Strategus now offers Connected TV. They are only 1 of 4 companies able to do this with this partnership.

And, Michelle and Charlie, let’s talk a little bit more about the advantages of advanced CTV and how you guys are really opening up all these opportunities for our advertisers out there. Michelle, do you want to kick us off in this area?


Sure, I’d love to. I think that it’s just really interesting, especially as we go and talk to a lot of the customers in our customer base, because the minute I talk about adding CTV into their current program, their eyes instantly get really big because they’re thinking I’m going to ask them for a huge budget, right? Because normally, when you think of TV, you think easily of six figures, if not a million dollars, right?

And so, the cool thing about what we can do with Strategus is that we can do a small, meaningful campaign that’s not going to eat up their entire marketing budget. And that gives them the opportunity to test and learn with CTV compared to Linear TV, without going and getting additional budget. They can actually use budget that they already have in plan, which I think was one of the things that’s just really exciting for what we can do.

And then with being able to measure and do attribution with CTV, we’re really are able to target on a personalized level, which is a game changer for us. So, we’ve been able to talk to some very small clients up to the bigger brands about CTV because it’s just really flexible and works for pretty much anyone that’s interested in testing the channel.


I know Charlie, earlier this week, we were catching up and you mentioned, you know, some of your campaigns are as small as $15,000. And again, when you think about starting test and learn with this media and putting that Porch data set behind how you can target – wow, that really opens up some interesting test and learn opportunities for those small and medium sized companies. Or even larger brands who may want to test in a in a sub segment audience or what have you. Charlie, talk to us a little bit about the advantages in that area.


I will. You just said so many interesting things. I want to do a little bit of a catch up and then get to the point that Michelle was making, which is one of the key ones, which is that CTV seems daunting, but it’s actually a really easy world to enter the budget wise and so forth.

But, thinking about the Albertson’s Kroger acquisition, that is going to massively reshape advertising as well and because what what’s going to happen is this is this whole convergence of CTV and retail media networks is about raising standards and raising the standards of audience creation through first party data, through messaging – which is perhaps a whole other topic we could do at another time – and measurement.

And so, just think about what happens when the largest advertisers in the world know that the retailers, but also think it’s the CPG companies, you know, the Proctor and Gambles, the Unilever’s, Kraft, Heinz, when they all started operating at much higher standards and, oh, there’s so many existing ideas and ways of doing things that are suddenly going to seem old.

You know, the idea of them demographic targeting, only, you know, the idea of buying daypart television, or giving one message to everybody, or to the point that on the topic at hand that, oh, I am a small brand, or a small company so I can’t do TV advertising, because I need to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a TV spot, or it’s too expensive. Those are all going to suddenly seem, like old ideas, and when things get older, they don’t go away, they just become incomplete.

So what will happen is, over time, the linear mindset and approach will become increasingly inefficient, ineffective, it’ll still be there, but I think, you know, it’ll be replaced by something that that’s much more exciting and better.


I want to pipe in here for a minute, because you said something that was really interesting. I just came back from one of the conferences in New York, and one of the big items that came up is that across linear, you have a really difficult time actually reaching the correct consumer with the correct message, because most linear basically uses gender and age, and that’s almost as strategic as linear could get. Now, there’s, there’s addressable household. there are other things we could do for sure. But, when it comes to demographics, they’re almost stuck in that box.

And through CTV there’s just so many other types of information we could use, you know, which we’ve talked about, you know, whether someone’s a mover, homeowner, homebuyer, whether they’re an empty nester, whether they’re long-distance movers, short distance movers, or whether they’re in-market for furniture, right? Whatever it is, we can create just so much of a robust audience that flows into the system that’s really a game changer, especially as I’ve listened to a lot of the really large brands and what they’re doing today. It’s just so elementary. And there’s just so much more we can do to help them reach the right audience.


Michelle, you just described the need states for people, and you can add on their passions to people who are really passionate about a certain topic. I had a conversation with a CMO, not too long ago, who was so frustrated by the limitations of demographic targeting. The product that they have appeals to skateboarders and surfers. And he was asking why isn’t any of that in our targeting now? 

You know, we’re past the beginning but it’s still early and but we’re at a point now where this can all really scale, which means it’s going to happen really fast and we’ll get to that in a couple of slides.

But, what most people are doing, and this is particularly true at the big agencies, they’re using CTV as a reach extender. So they’re making big upfront television buys and then they are getting extra inventory on CTV and checking that box and moving on. So, what they’re not doing is programmatic and that’s what we’re doing. That’s what Strategus brings, a programmatic CTV managed service. Advanced connected TV is using CTV to activate and measure the whole purchase funnel. This makes the attribution pieces much more powerful, and we’re optimizing every campaign, sometimes daily.

It depends on the client and those three standards of audience creation, messaging, and measurement, are all operating at a higher level, and that’s what Advanced Connected TV means, and it’s not hard to go out and just get the inventory. What’s hard and sophisticated is what we’re offering together.


Yeah. You know, Michelle, what I like as a former marketer about this relationship is that you’re often looking at signals. And I love the fact that movers and homeowners make decisions early when moving. You know, a lot of people talk about the post-move. Most decisions are made pre-move, and your data really identifies movers 35% earlier. I love that. And so, when you think of the power of leveraging CTV in your upper or middle funnel, you’re able to get those signals 35% earlier to start talking to your customers.

Whether they’re in-market to buy furniture, or home services, or new internet services, or a car, or change doctors, or understand what restaurants are in their area, the use cases are endless.

I just really want to emphasize that in order for this to work well, you advertisers out there are dependent on the quality of data that’s being used from your third-party source, and the quality of your data, Michelle, coupled with the power of Strategus, is stellar and I wish this had been around when I was a marketer. It would have made by my life a lot easier!

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