When a customer is willing to share their new customer data, analyzing their results offers a keen insight into the attribution of marketing efforts. We can watch how direct mail is backing up digital efforts by tracking dates from the beginning of the campaign through the purchase. The more data captured early on, the easier it is to understand attribution of the different touchpoint along a marketing strategy.


If you’re actually utilizing the coupon strategy, that’s a 1-to-1, as Michelle mentioned. There’s other ways to actually measure for that attribution that are going to be, you know, more into the line of what Luci was mentioning.

You know, the food traffic, how the total number of sales you lead generated from the moment you started the campaign. So those are the typical three main indicators that we use to measure attribution for direct mail. 


Yep. And I’m going to add onto that just for a minute.

We have one extra thing that we’ve actually built because we know that attribution and being able to prove that we are making a dent right in the goals of every brand is just so important. So we built something that we use across our company and our partnership with Welcome Wagon, which is a sales dashboard.

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And so if we get a customer that is willing to share new customer data, we basically load that data into a dashboard that can be shared across the customer and across all of their campaigns. And they can actually understand, “Hey, I did a mail campaign on this date. I did an email campaign on this date. I did a banner on this date, and this is the date that I got my new customer in the door.”

You know, whether you believe, in first touch attribution or last touch attribution, the sales dashboard will provide all of that information to you, because every brand has a little bit of a different way that they do it. We believe that all channels influenced a buying decision.

And it’s really difficult sometimes to understand which channel was like that final crossing of the T, but we have a way to truly measure it in a meaningful way that is 1-to-1.

So it’s beyond just saying, you know, you got this many impressions in this many clicks. It’s being able to say you got this new customer, and this is how much they spent.

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