How Car Dealerships Can Make the Shift to the Digital World

Car shoppers are increasingly using the internet to evaluate their vehicle options when it comes time for them to purchase a new car. As a result, providing a user-friendly digital experience has become more important than ever for dealerships across the nation.


The third trend that we’re seeing is obviously, there are a lot of dealers out there getting in front of it, making the shift to the digital world. Again, number one, increasing digital spending. I think, you know, when I think of it being a traditionalist and marketing, and the first thing that comes to mind are car dealerships, you know, on the radio doing the DJ announcements, doing the local cable TV ads.

But look at this, you know, almost 60% of them say they’re very or extremely prepared, and they are making the shift. You know, either in increasing their digital marketing, changing their sales process, just adopting new tools, changing sales team compensation…I mean, all these areas. You know, one of the new things, again, I think kind of that cable TV local dealer ad, it was very traditional marketing. But now, you know, the dealers can really take advantage of CTV or OTT. Amy tell us about that because I think from a really hyper targeting level, you can get down to the zip plus four level, if you want. I mean, tell us about the advantages of CTV for, again, this small, even possibly single proprietor business.

Yep. And I’m going to add to that just for a minute.

We have one extra thing that we’ve actually built because we know that attribution and being able to prove that we are making a dent right in the goals of every brand is just so important. So we built something that we use across our company and our partnership with Welcome Wagon, which is a sales dashboard.


So, CTV is very, very valuable right now, very hot and up and coming as people are moving from traditional cable or satellite TV, to streaming. You know, we have a lot of cord-cutters who don’t have any traditional TV viewing at all anymore. The ability to capture them on their streaming services is really, really important. So that is what CTV does is it allows you to reach people while they are streaming on services like Hulu. There are commercial breaks during a program, and that is when you can get in front of them.

You also get to select your audience like you would with any other digital marketing piece, which is very different from traditional TV ads. So, you’ve got this combination of the captive audience. It doesn’t matter when they tune in, you’re going to be able to get to them, and you can really select who you want to target within a geo area. It does not have to just be anyone in this market area. So you can really reach the people that are most likely to buy from you. Or are going to be the most valuable new class, new customers, that you can get, through their TV, which is really, really cool.

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