When brands think of a media network, they think of display media and targeting because with many of them, that’s all they do. The Porch Group Media Network takes this strategy and adds 6 to 7 additional channels that make for better analytics all around.


So the media network is all about impressions and being able to get in front of a person. So, one of the things that we have done is we’ve added two additional channels over the last 3 to 6 months. One channel is CTV and OTT and the other channel is direct mail.

A lot of times when a lot of brands think of a media network, you’re thinking about display targeting because 80% of media networks, that’s what they do. They go straight from first-party data right to display, or in-market audience to display.

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So, what we’ve done is, we’ve taken a little bit of a different strategy, by all means, we have display, right, because that’s what people like, but we also have 6 to 7 additional channels. Channels that we can manage, and that we can run analytics around, run attribution around, by channel, by audience, and really try and prove out which channel works the best. 

What we find, to be honest, is that the majority of the clients that go across many, many different channels, they get a strong ROI and much better results than any one person that’s just doing one channel. Whether it’s first party data, blended data, or targeted data. That is just a fact, at this point. And so, managed services across more channels and direct mail is a differentiator for us. You will not run across another media network that does direct mail.

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