Electric vehicles are steadily gaining momentum in the market, but many consumers do not have the charging capabilities to conveniently make this type of vehicle an everyday car. The good news is that because of market insight and targeting, it is easier than ever to find the consumers who are specifically looking for this type of vehicle.


Can we predict who was more likely to buy an e-vehicle? Are there attributes of these things? I mean, what are you guys seeing at Porch Group Media, Amy?


Absolutely, absolutely. We see, not only people who are in-market for electric vehicles, which we can determine, right, based on their online content consumption, their web behavior, and some other factors, but we can also look beyond the traditional. What do they have now? Who has solar panels on their house? Who has young children because they are more likely to be concerned about the environment?

There are so many factors that we know about people that can be early indicators of someone who would be interested in electric vehicles.

It’s really important, again, to broaden those horizons, right? Don’t stick to just auto data. You’ve, you’ve really got to dig deeper to find those audiences.


Yeah, and when doing my research, one of the things I also uncovered is in urban areas it’s hard to have an e-vehicle in an urban area because you don’t have the garage, you know, to have the charger. And the majority of people do their charging at home. So, again, if you’re an urban dealer, you know, if you do want to attract customers to your e-vehicles, you might have to reach out more into that suburban area or into your plus four neighborhoods where you start to have larger homes that do have garages. If you’re in, you know, a multi-dwelling unit, an MDU rich area, you might have to broaden that area to be interested in your e-vehicles. Because again, in an urban area or dense, urban, as we like to say, it’s a little bit harder to get charged. Very interesting.

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