2022 mover report

2022 New Mover Trends Report

Conducted by The Harris Poll

Moving triggers consumers to buy new products and services, as well as re-evaluate their current relationships with brands. As a result, these “new movers” provide brands across industries with valuable customer acquisition and retention opportunities. The 2022 New Mover Trends Report explores the state of today’s new movers and uncovers opportunities to reach this valuable audience of in-market shoppers.

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Packed With Insights On Today’s New Movers

Profile of Today's New Mover

64% of new movers have experienced a recent life event. Explore the profile of the 2022 new mover, with insights on demographics, homeownership status, recent life events, and more.

Purchase Intent & Shopping Behaviors

72% of new movers buy new items and services prior to moving. Uncover key insights on new movers’ shopping behaviors, including purchase timing, enticements to try new brands, social media purchasing power, and more.

Home Improvement Projects

Buying a home is the biggest investment a consumer can make. As a result, 7 in 10 new movers are pursuing home improvement projects. Learn what home projects are top of mind, as well as what methods they prefer using to complete them.

Valuable Data To Guide Your
Acquisition & Retention Marketing Strategies

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Understand why marketers need to implement omnichannel marketing strategies to engage new movers across the entire decision process.

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Discover the importance of having a strong digital presence to engage new movers early in the research process.

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Learn how to use marketing data like insights into life events and purchase intent to reach new movers with personalized messaging.

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