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I know Porch Group Media is working diligently to create a media network to support its clients and develop audiences around these rich data sets of movers and households. Can you share with us what that looks like?

You’re exactly right, Luci. We looked at our own agency services and saw that we were able to provide brands access to our own first-party data. In this evolution from a media planning state to audience planning, brands need something that’s scalable. It will also need to be measurable to know where the efficiencies are.

Addressable audiences need to also be connected to the entire universe of all these channels where they can efficiently be reached in a way that is consentable.

Using rich descriptive data makes these audiences relevant and trainable. So as we know, with marketing tactics, not every program is deployed to 100% of your consumer base. Some go to a very select segment that will be responsive to the message.

Companies need to be able to use that scalability and use predictive analytics to then determine that ad spend should only go to this 12% because they score above this response model. That’s what we mean by trainable.

We call that a SMART audience. We can then tie that to the Porch Media Network strategy. Porch provides software to brands around home services and the move. And they are able to monetize that to help brands advertise to those consumers.

There’s also rich value in that for consumers. Because as you’re going through the move cycle, from planning the move to post-move to settling into your house in that first year, you want those relevant brands in front of you and to be able to receive those promotions. That’s the value in the Porch Media Network.

We’re taking a consumer like “Maggie Harris, the Millennial Mover” and helping brands to communicate to her through channels such as open inventory on the open web, connected TV, and other private channels that we have set up to communicate with her.

We can then hold those programs accountable through sales match back in order to see those rich KPIs.

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