[press release] Online Browsing for Apparel Increased by 200+%

Porch Group Media Reports Online Browsing for Apparel Increased by 200+% and Online Browsing for Footwear Increased by 225% in the U.S. During March

Company Identifies Billions of Dollars in Opportunities for Retail Apparel and Footwear

BOSTON, April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Porch Group Media, a leading provider of purchase intent insight and marketing services, shared recent statistics on how consumer shopping behavior is changing in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Porch Group Media reports that online browsing for apparel increased by 200+% as highlighted by national brands such as Urban Outfitters and Hollister. Online browsing for footwear increased by 225% as seen in brands such as DSW and Wolverine.

Statistics were compiled during March 2020 using Porch Group Media Signals, the company’s in-market shopping technology. Through proprietary technology, Porch Group Media Signals Online tracks online browsing activity, monitoring behavioral data and searches occurring on over 90% of internet-connected devices every month.

The online shopping trends as reported by Porch Group Media Signals follow similar research in online apparel shopping trends from industry analysts. Research by analytics firm Quantum Metric reports that online clothing shopping revenue has increased by 43% at U.S.-based online retailers since January. The average order value has also gone up by 26%.

According to Andy Frawley, CEO of Porch Group Media, “Ecommerce has naturally been on the rise for some time. With so many people confined to their homes across the country at this time, we expect ecommerce to continue to spike. Categories such as apparel, home electronics and home furnishing are showing a significant increase as evidenced by our Porch Group Media Signals Online product.”

“Many forward-thinking brands are pivoting their marketing strategies to become more digitally focused,” said Anders Ekman, President of Porch Group Media. “Consumers may not be shopping in physical stores, but they are clearly researching and purchasing products online. We are able to identify in-market consumers through their online browsing behavior, as well as identify up to 50% of a brand’s anonymous website traffic through our new WebID solution so brands can capitalize today on these significant opportunities.”

Porch Group Media will be releasing weekly insights into consumer shopping patterns across categories.


About Porch Group Media
Porch Group Media is an audience and marketing solutions provider that delivers insight on movers and homeowners, with more context, and greater precision than any provider in the market. Our solutions deliver early access to 90% of US homebuyers. Porch Group Media provides movers, consumer, shopping intent, auto, and property insights to deliver highly personalized, omnichannel, one-to-one marketing campaigns and outcomes across multiple industries. 

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