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Moving is a major life event. Whether it’s relocating out of state or moving to a neighboring city, consumers are faced with several major purchase decisions throughout a move. As a result, this boost in economic activity offers brands a valuable opportunity to reach these consumers at a time when they’re likely to spend more and break brand loyalties.

What is Mover Marketing?

Mover marketing is a marketing niche that focuses exclusively on targeting moving consumers with advertising campaigns. When you hear the term “mover marketing”, direct mail may be the first channel that comes to mind. However, today mover marketing is being utilized on more channels with more precision than ever before. Powered by rich consumer insights and pre-move indicators, brands can now identify and engage with movers up to two months before they move. And, with three in five movers making purchases prior to moving, the ability to reach this audience early is vital to the success of acquisition and retention programs.

But, who is using mover marketing today? And, what can brands learn from organizations that are leveraging mover marketing to its full potential?

Porch Group Media partnered with Ascend2 to field The 2022 Marketer’s Perspective on Mover Marketing survey in order to determine how widespread the usage of mover marketing is and what types of organizations are using it.

How Are Brands Using Mover Marketing Programs?

From our research, respondents were divided into three categories based on their answers: mover marketing users, mover marketing adopters, and mover marketing non-users.

  • Mover Marketing Users: Over a quarter of organizations report having a mover marketing program in place and measurable.
  • Mover Marketing Adopters: These organizations are currently rolling out a mover marketing program or are planning to implement one soon.
  • Mover Marketing Non-Users: Those who are not using mover marketing with no plans to.

According to our findings, over one-quarter of B2C companies report having a mover marketing strategy in place.

While 28% of marketers say they have a measurable strategy in place to target new movers, another 26% are in the process of rolling out a strategy. In the coming year, we will see the numbers rise as 18% report having plans to implement a strategy within the next 12 months.

  • 28% – We have a strategy in place and measurable
  • 26% – We are currently rolling out a strategy
  • 18% – We have plans to implement a strategy in the next 12 months
  • 7% – We target new mover audiences in other programs
  • 20% – We do not have a program with no plans to
The 2022 Marketer’s Perspective on Mover Marketing Conducted by Porch Group Media and Ascend2

How Effective is Mover Marketing?

Marketers who are using mover marketing programs report significantly more success than those planning to use or not using mover marketing as part of their overall strategy.

When we asked, “How mover marketers would rate the overall marketing strategy at achieving goals set for it”, we received the following responses:

  • 57% – Very successful (best-in-class)
  • 39% – Moderately Successful
  • 1% – Moderately Unsuccessful
  • 3% – Very Unsuccessful

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Mover Marketing Users by Industry

Mover marketing users have seen a significant increase in both customer retention and customer acquisition in the past year than non-users. These are a few of the industries utilizing mover marketing as part of their acquisition and retention programs.

  • 41% – Technology
  • 33% – Personal Services
  • 30% – Professional Services
  • 27% – Retail
  • 27% – Hospitality & Travel
  • 25% – Automotive
  • 21% – Financial Services & Insurance
  • 13% – Utilities & Telecom

However, no matter your industry, the mover audience presents a lucrative marketing opportunity for your brand. According to Porch Group Media’s and Porch Group’s New Mover Trends Report, conducted by The Harris Poll, movers spend on average $11,000 on items and services across numerous verticals. Check out these top purchases new movers make within the first 12 months of moving.

Top Items New Movers Purchase

  • 47% – Furniture/Home Décor
  • 45% – TV
  • 40% – Appliances
  • 37% – Home Improvement & Repair Supplies
  • 31% – Pet Supplies
  • 30% – Flooring
  • 28% – Landscaping/Lawn Equipment
  • 26% – Automobile Repair/Maintenance
  • 26% – Automobile
  • 25% – Windows
  • 24% – Fitness Products/Gym Membership
  • 17% – Solar

Top Services New Movers Purchase

  • 48% – Internet
  • 36% – Utilities
  • 32% – Home Security
  • 27% – Doctor/Dentist
  • 26% – Home Remodeling/Repair Services
  • 25% – Financial Services/Banking
  • 23% – Landscaping/Lawncare Maintenance
  • 22% – Flooring Installation
  • 22% – Home Warranty
  • 20% – Solar Installation
  • 19% – Window Installation
  • 17% – Roof Installation
  • 17% – Veterinarian

Do you want to learn more about how Porch Group Media can help integrate mover marketing into your customer acquisition and retention programs to target movers across the journey to purchase? Request more info here.

The 2022 Marketer’s Perspective on Mover Marketing

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