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2021 New Mover Trends Report

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Profile of Today's Mover

Life events are triggering moves. 64% of those surveyed had experienced a life event before moving, such as new employment, graduation, marriage, or becoming a parent.

How Today's Mover Spends

The top items new movers purchase/anticipate they will purchase within the first 12 months of moving are furniture/home decor (47%), a TV (45%) and appliances (40%).

How Today's Mover Feels

Around 7 in 10 new movers who have moved in the past 12 months, say the process of moving (e.g., packing, buying a home, selling a home) was more stressful than they imagined (72%).

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Understand why marketers need to implement omnichannel marketing strategies to engage movers across the entire decision process.

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Discover the importance of having a strong digital presence to engage movers early in the research process.

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Learn how to use marketing data like insights into life events and purchase intent to reach movers with personalized messaging.