Porch Group Media Ranked Number 1 in Car Ownership Data by Truthset

The rate of car ownership in the U.S. continues to trend up for more than a decade now.  There are 276 million vehicles registered in the U.S. according to Statista.  Additionally, Bankrate reported that California, Texas, and Florida have the most vehicle registrations, due to their size and population. Americans also drive an average of 13,476 miles per year (Bankrate).

Porch Group Media Knows Car Ownership

If you are in the automotive business, successful marketing begins with being able to identify vehicle owners. The good news is that Porch Group Media knows car ownership.  Porch Group Media ranked #1 out of 9 providers in establishing car ownership by data intelligence company, Truthset in their Q2 2021 Data Quality Truthscore™ Report. This is the second time in a row Porch Group Media ranked #1.

Additionally, within the car category, Porch Group Media ranked #4 in determining the car make owned, scoring 10% better than average.

Beyond car ownership, Porch Group Media provides intelligence on car owners, their demographics, their household and who is in market for a vehicle. For example, Porch Group Media Signals allows you to identify and market to consumers recently visiting dealer lots or browsing online.  Porch Group Media AutoID provides insights into make, model, or mileage, and our in-market models are used to acquire in-market shoppers who are 4.2x more likely to purchase a vehicle within a 90-day timeframe.

More Fun Facts on Vehicle Ownership, 2021

Bankrate’s analysis found that vehicle ownership is highest outside U.S. metropolitan areas.

Top 10 cities with the highest percentage of vehicle ownership:

cities with highest percentage of vehicle ownership

Some of the largest cities have the lowest percentage of ownership:

largest cities with lowest percentage of vehicle ownership

Percentage of Americans Who Own a Vehicle

Analysis shows that vehicle ownership was on the rise for the period between 2014-2019. However, the number of households who own one or two vehicles declined and the number of households with three or more vehicles increased.  Indications suggest that the average American household is growing in size and that the number of vehicles is also growing to accommodate larger family sizes.

U.S. Residential Vehicle Accessibility:

us residential vehicle accessibility

We’ve come a long way since the Model T was developed by Henry Ford in 1908, the first car to find widespread acceptance.  Although car ownership will continue to change and evolve, Americans’ love for cars won’t be going away anytime soon.

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