Top Moving Trends by State

Approximately 31 Million people move in America every year, spending approximately $11,000 for products and services during the move. Check out these top moving statistics and trends by state, as featured in the ProMoverReviews 2022 Report:

  • Alabama: People who immigrate to the US from other countries are least likely to settle in Alabama, of any state.
  • Alaska: In 2021, Alaska finally broke a streak of population decline in motion since WWII. Its population went up by 745 people last year due to a combination of new births and movers.
  • Arizona: A 2022 report shows that the Phoenix, Arizona metro area currently welcomes 200 new residents each day, possibly tied to the fact that it reported fewer job losses over the last two years than any other metro area in the US.
  • Arkansas: In 2021, 44% more people moved into Arkansas than moved out. That’s the highest percentage of any US state.
  • California: In terms of net losses, California now sees more than twice as many people move away to other states than it did before the pandemic.
  • Connecticut: Tied with Michigan, Connecticut is the state with the slowest-growing population over the last ten years.
  • Florida: Half of the top ten cities that experienced the biggest net population gains in 2021 were in Florida.
  • Georgia: Morgan, Pendergrass, and Chamblee are currently the fastest-growing cities in Georgia by population.
  • Hawaii: Hawaii is the US state with the highest cost of living—almost double the national average. Mississippi has the lowest.
  • Idaho: Of all US states, Idaho has experienced the highest percentage of new incoming residents in 2020 and 2021.
  • Illinois: Thomson, Pingree Grove, and Volo are currently the fastest-growing cities in Illinois by population.
  • Kentucky: Booneville, Mount Washington, and Manor Creek are currently the fastest-growing cities in Kentucky by population.
  • Louisiana: Maurice, Youngsville, and Addis are currently the fastest-growing cities in Louisiana by population.
  • Maryland: New Market, Laytonsville, and Leonardtown are currently the fastest-growing cities in Maryland by population.
  • Michigan: Michigan is one of only three states whose population has declined over the last ten years due to a combination of deaths and people moving away.
  • Mississippi: Mississippi is one of only three states whose population has declined over the last ten years due to deaths and people moving away.
  • Nevada: Mesquite, Henderson, and North Las Vegas are currently the fastest-growing cities in Nevada by population.
  • New Jersey: New Jersey saw the highest percentage of outbound moves in 2021 (71%), but this isn’t so surprising when you look at past data: It’s held the top spot for the past four years.
  • New York: From July 2020 to July 2021, New York‘s population fell by 319,020 people. It was the largest numeric decline of any state in the country, according to Census Bureau estimates.
  • Ohio: Toledo, Ohio is the most affordable city in the US, with an average rent price of $550. Toledo and two other Midwestern cities make up the top five most affordable cities in the entire country.
  • Pennsylvania: Callimont, Connoquenessing, or Royalton are currently the fastest-growing cities in Pennsylvania by population.
  • Texas: Texas had the largest numeric population gain of any US state in 2021.
  • West Virginia: West Virginia is the state with the highest rate of homeownership in the US.

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