A secret to home solar sales? Pre-movers

by Anders Ekman, President of Porch Group Media, a Porch Company

Article originally appeared on Solar Builder

Solar Energy Mover Marketing

Approximately 27 million people reported moving within the United States in 2021, and these movers
spent billions of dollars per year on numerous products and services. They open their wallets for
home improvement, furniture, home décor and, yes, solar.

The 2021 New Mover Trends Report by Porch Group Media and Porch surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. adults who had
moved in the past 12 months and/or were planning to move in the next three months. The study
found that movers spent an average of $8,068 on all items and services within the first 12 months of

Mover marketing is an effective way for solar energy providers to increase brand awareness and
customer acquisition. However, to take advantage of this potential boost in solar energy sales,
marketing efforts need to start early in the move cycle during the pre-move phase, before movers
leave their current residence.

Movers are spending the most on solar installation

Out of all the services movers purchase, the survey revealed that movers are spending the most on
solar installation, with $1,360 spent on average.

Movers are purchasing solar panels prior to moving

More than half (54 percent) of movers purchased solar panels before moving, while 25 percent
purchased within the first month of moving and only 18 percent of new movers purchased after
moving. Therefore, solar energy providers need to reach new movers early to make a sale.

Movers are finding solar providers before moving

Fifty-two percent of movers purchased a solar energy installation before move-in, while 20 percent did
so within the first month of moving, and 28 percent did so after moving. Also, the majority of movers
(88 percent) are open to trying new brands for the items and services they use. This is a critical
opportunity for solar energy providers to engage with movers to raise brand awareness and increase
their customer acquisition.

Providers should market to movers earlier in the cycle

Perhaps one of the most profound points from the study is how people purchase solar early in the
move cycle. With over half of people purchasing solar installations before moving, reaching movers
after they move in is simply too late. Furthermore, 20 percent purchased within the first month of
moving, so providers need to execute marketing campaigns to reach movers as early as possible to
have a chance of success.

However, when many marketers hear the term “mover marketing,” they may think of antiquated,
outdated tactics that have been the standard to reach movers for decades. Data sources often
provided limited insight into the move cycle and were based on real estate data or self-reported
change of address information provided to the U.S. Postal Service. As a result, marketers could only
reach movers after the move occurred, which was too late and after consumers made many of their
most valuable purchase decisions.

Today, richer sources of data and faster, more innovative technology allow brands to identify and
reach out to movers well before the move. For example, brands can market to possible movers who
are browsing for move-related products and services. This timeframe averages one to three months
before a move.

Solar providers also can target potential movers, which is when a consumer lists their home but is not
definitely moving.

Another essential audience is verified pre-movers. These consumers typically have their home under
contract and are in the inspection, moving or financing process. During this two-to-sixweek pre-move
period, consumers actively shop for move-related goods and services, making it one of the most
valuable opportunities for marketers.

Following the move, post-movers continue to shop for their new homes, and solar companies should
continue to market their products and services to stay top of mind.

Understand movers and the homes they are moving into

Having access to pre-movers is a giant step forward for marketers today. But as we know, not all
movers are in the market for solar. So, where are your mover marketing investments best spent?
Traditionally, mover marketing lacked a deeper understanding of who movers are, and insights were
limited to a name and a “move to” address.

Now, data science and machine-learning applications allow new ways to apply insights. As a result,
solar providers can now access rich consumer insights for more targeted offers. Marketers can target
consumers by their preferences, household information, lifestyles, purchase intent, property data and
even “move from” and “move to” addresses.

The complete identification and understanding of movers available today are truly unprecedented.
Solar companies now have the opportunity to know when consumers are moving, what they will be
purchasing and even how much they expect to spend. With all this rich insight and the right marketing
tools, solar energy providers who invest in mover marketing and reach movers early will unlock
skyrocketing solar energy sales.

Article originally appeared on Solar Builder. View full article here.

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