Targeting Pre-movers with CTV Advertising

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Our move audiences are blended audiences about someone that’s within the mover journey. It starts with a pre-mover. We know that somebody either has their house listed for sale or they have done a home inspection or they’ve applied for a mortgage because we have a lot of first party data.

We have additional ways of being able to tag pre-movers and we can tag that person all the way through the journey. So we know when they’re just beginning, we know when they’re closer to moving. So maybe they sold their house, their house is now under contract.

We have all this other data that gives us a bunch of trigger information about that move cycle throughout the process, all the way through to their new house. Then that offers a whole bunch of other targeting and marketing opportunities within that journey. 

So, we have a near real-time update process. We get data in every single day. We actually run it through an entire refresh process every week, and we can send data on over to Strategus for a campaign. We can send that over on a weekly basis. We could send it over on a daily basis for some of our customers who really want that. But you’re obviously not going to do that with CTV, that’s probably not going to work, but weekly would work really great.


I’m of the mindset Michelle that if you can see movers or predict movers 3 to 5 weeks in advance and you also know their move-to and from-address, you can really be creating some powerful campaigns. And I keep beating this drum, but that really helps with retention and retention is a lot less expensive to manage in a business than new acquisition.

So when you’re looking at retention cost, these predictors are very, very potent in helping you with retention. And especially to enact retention campaigns.

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