Should Brands Invest in CTV or OTT rather than Traditional Cable TV?

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Would you suggest only doing either OTT or CTV rather than traditional cable TV?


It depends on the situation. I would say yes, but I might couch it a bit to say that you definitely should be using CTV to advertise to consumers.

The other thing you should definitely be doing is these retail media networks – they are really the future of advertising and it’s this combination of CTV and retail media networks which is so powerful.

Those are the two main forces that are going to shape the future of advertising. As I mentioned, it’s already happening. It’s happening so fast. Everybody’s rushing into both spaces. I think, it’s not a question of if, but when.

And I would suggest that you start using streaming and combine your first-party data, like we’re doing here to the extent that you could do that. And the sooner you do it, the better off your company will be.


I always answer questions like that with, don’t forget to test. Then let the test result drive your decision going forward.

We are often in marketing in a test-and-learn environment. And there are many, many opinions that circulate around the industry. But those opinions could be different depending on the brand, depending on what you’re trying to do, and your strategy. So we always recommend a test.

Obviously, we believe in CTV and what we’re doing, but we would have to test across your brand and then we would be able to test the lift upon CTV to linear and CTV without linear. You’re going to want to set up control groups, and just make sure that you test it really well, to decide which one is going to provide the biggest benefit. 

One of the interesting key point points I think for next year is we will have election years coming up. And think of how that’s going to drive up the cost of linear TV. You’re going to be competing against a lot of people for a lot less space. And so now is the time to try and test out CTV, get some testing, and see if you can get those additional eyeballs for your brand.


I love that. Again, the new partnership and the Porch Group Media Network make it easy and affordable. So test to try it out and I really encourage you to test and learn, test and learn, test, and learn.

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