5 Amazing Audience Segments to Target in 2024

Audience segmentation allows you to personalize messages and offerings to specific customer groups, resulting in increased engagement, customer satisfaction, and overall marketing success.

In fact, a study found that engagement is 101% higher in segmented campaigns (DMA).

We all know about demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentation – but consumers are multi-dimensional people – and the audience segments you leverage must consider that.

In 2024, new research found that marketers with the most successful data strategies use 8 or more data sources to build their audiences.

So, what powerful audience segments are you potentially overlooking when formulating your data strategies? We’ve compiled a list of our top five recommendations.

5 Amazing Audience Segments to Target in 2024

1. New Movers Segment

The move is the most economically powerful life trigger.

As a result, new movers present a prime target audience for many businesses. This audience is in a state of flux, actively settling into a new environment.

Movers have a “permission to buy” mentality, spending more in the first 6 months of a move than the average consumer will in three years. Research shows that 9 in 10 new movers are willing to try new brands, posing a dire customer retention risk and a valuable customer acquisition opportunity.

Case Study: Learn how FrontPoint Security Leveraged the Mover Data to Retain Moving Customers

2. In-Market/Purchase Intent Segment

Using in-market audience segmentation is an effective strategy for reaching consumers on the precipice of a purchase.

This technique leverages online behavior and browsing habits to target people who are actively researching or considering a specific product category.

Imagine someone browsing online for “the best walking shoes. “If you sell shoes, in-market segmentation would flag them as potential customers for your brand. By targeting these high-intent consumers, you can make sure your offer is seen at the decision-making moment.

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3. Top Tier Look-Alike Audience Segment

Do you ever wish you could clone your best customers?

Lookalike audience segmentation is a marketing technique used to expand your reach to potential customers who share similar characteristics with your existing audience.

Advertising platforms like Facebook use sophisticated algorithms to analyze data points such as demographics, interests, and online behavior from your existing customer base (seed audience).

This data is then used to identify a new, broader audience (lookalike audience) that exhibits these same qualities, allowing you to target your marketing efforts more effectively by reaching people more likely to be receptive to your message.

Did You Know?: We can profile your customers, model them, and create look-like audiences for your multichannel campaigns.

4. Life Event Audience Segment

Life event segmentation focuses on the major life milestones and transitions people experience.

For example, if you sell car seats for children, you’ll want to target new parents. Perhaps you’re a home insurance carrier interested in reaching new homeowners.

This approach allows you to go beyond basic demographics and understand your audiences’ specific needs, interests, and desires during these life chapters.

New Research: Nearly two-thirds (64%) of new movers have experienced a recent life event.

5. Reactivation Audience Segment

A reactivation audience segment focuses on re-engaging past users or customers who have become inactive.

Analyze factors like purchase history, login activity, or email engagement. to address potential reasons for their disengagement. For example, users who haven’t logged in for months might receive a reminder about new features, while infrequent purchasers could be enticed with exclusive discounts.

Using this audience segment helps you revive interest, rekindle customer relationships, and bring them back into the fold as active buyers.

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New Research: Learn how B2C marketers use data to build high-performing audiences in 2024.

2024 B2C marketing audience building report

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