8 Audiences You Should Reach this Holiday Season (2023)

Cheerful decorations, family get-togethers, memorable vacations, and hunting for the perfect gifts all make the holidays a special time of year. As summer draws nearer to a close, the holidays will be here before you know it – which means now is the time to start preparing your holiday marketing campaigns. Data reveals that the average holiday spending for US consumers is around $1,000 per person.

So, how can you make the most of your marketing dollars to reach shoppers during this valuable time of year? Before diving into the planning and execution, it is crucial to ensure that you’ll be reaching the right audiences.

Check out these high-performing audiences we recommend targeting this season.


1. Holiday Audiences by Interest

Holiday shoppers seek out gifts for others and themselves that align with their interests. By identifying and understanding the specific interests of different segments within your audience, you can customize your messages and promotions to resonate more effectively.

Whether you’re trying to reach outdoorsy folks, fashionistas, foodies, tech lovers, or DIYers, partnering with a reputable audience solutions provider helps you personalize your messaging for these specific interests.

2. Holiday Deal Shoppers

Holiday deal shoppers are motivated by finding the best deals and actively seek out discounts, promotions, and special offers during the holiday season.

Partner with an audience solutions provider to reach this segment with compelling offers, limited-time promotions, and exclusive discounts. Emphasize the value and savings they can gain through your products or services to resonate with this segment.

3. Halloween Shoppers

Halloween enthusiasts are actively seeking costumes, candy, decorations, party supplies, and spooky-themed products. Create captivating campaigns that showcase a wide range of your Halloween-themed offerings. Leverage social media platforms, targeted online ads, and email marketing to reach this audience, highlighting unique costume ideas, DIY tutorials, and special promotions to engage their interest.

4. Black Friday Shoppers

Adobe Analytics reported that Black Friday shoppers spent a whopping $9.12 billion in 2022. Black Friday shoppers are deal hunters who are primarily focused on finding the best bargains. Reach Black Friday shoppers early this season by building anticipation before the event, leveraging email marketing and social media to create buzz and promote exclusive deals.

Online Black Friday shopping saw a 33% increase in 2022 compared to 2021, with that trend expected to increase in 2023. Utilize targeted online advertising to reach this audience, highlighting the discounts and limited-time offers they can expect.

5. Cyber Monday Shoppers

Cyber Monday further cements online shopping as an integral part of many Americans’ daily lives. Last year, 77 million people shopped online during Cyber Monday, spending a total of $11.3 billion. Targeting Cyber Monday shoppers requires a strategic approach that leverages the digital nature of this shopping event.

Work with an audience provider to identify Cyber Monday shoppers and create anticipation through targeted campaigns and social media promotions. Highlight the convenience and exclusive online deals that shoppers can expect on this day. Be sure your marketing emails and website are optimized for mobile devices. A record 59% of online shoppers purchased from mobile devices in 2022, compared to 52% in 2021.

6. December Holiday Shoppers

December holiday shoppers focus on finding thoughtful gifts, seeking discounts, and embracing the holiday spirit. Personalize your messaging to evoke emotions associated with the season, emphasizing the joy of giving, family gatherings, and creating memorable experiences.

Leverage targeted email campaigns, social media content, and online advertising to reach your audience. Showcase a wide range of gift options, provide gift guides, and offer personalized recommendations based on the recipient’s interests.

7. In-Market Holiday Shoppers

In-market shoppers are consumers actively searching for and considering purchasing products or services. These shoppers are highly motivated to make a purchase and are further along in the buyer’s journey. Provide this audience with clear and convenient purchase options, such as one-click ordering or a streamlined checkout process to improve conversion rates.

8. After Season Holiday Shoppers

After the peak holiday season, there is still a segment of consumers who are interested in post-holiday sales, clearance items, and gift exchanges. Target these shoppers with special discounts, bundle deals, and promotions on leftover holiday inventory.

Emphasize the benefits of purchasing after the season, highlighting benefits like cost savings and unique finds to appeal to bargain hunters and those looking for deals. By extending marketing efforts beyond the peak holiday season, you can capitalize on the lingering holiday spirit and attract a specific segment of consumers who are still actively seeking holiday-related purchases.

Holiday Marketing Audiences

Ready to reach holiday shoppers and ring in new revenue for 2023? We help you identify valuable audience insights and deploy data-driven marketing campaigns that will connect your brand with the right audiences this holiday season.

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