[press release] Porch Group Media Launches Lifestyle and Shopping Segmentation

Porch Group Media, A Porch Company, Launches Vistas Lifestyle and Shopping Segmentation, A Groundbreaking Consumer Targeting Solution Built on In-Market Behaviors

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Next-Generation Consumer Data Solution

BOSTON, February 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Porch Group Media, a Porch Group, Inc. company and leading provider of purchase intent technology, insight and marketing services, announced the launch of Vistas lifestyle and shopping segmentation, a groundbreaking consumer targeting solution based on in-market behaviors. This solution marks a radical improvement over traditional self-reported consumer lifestyle segmentation.

Part of Porch Group Media’s ConsumerPlus data asset and powered by Porch Group Media Signals in-market technology, Vistas is the first lifestyle segmentation tool in the market to utilize consumer shopping intent based on recently observed store shopping behavior.  Leveraging advanced data science, Porch Group Media blends its Signals mobile location data with its broad catalog of ConsumerPlus demographic data developing a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences, lifestyles, and shopping intent.

According to Andy Frawley, SVP of Marketing Software & Services Group at Porch and Porch Group Media’s CEO, “Most audience targeting solutions in the market today are based on traditional, self-reported data sources. Porch Group Media has taken the next step forward by adding powerful indicators of shopping intent so marketers can target consumers with more accuracy and precision based on recent, observed behaviors. We look forward to introducing this innovative solution to our current Porch Group Media clients and the broader Porch community.”

Vistas audiences span 22 unique consumer groups and five distinct shopping types. Each consumer group is based on demographics representative of typical American households such as age, income and home ownership.  For example, the group “Rustic Families” is comprised of Gen-X and Boomer parents who are rural homeowners, spend less on housing, and have greater disposable income.  Within each consumer group, marketers can further refine their audiences by adding shopping type, a grouping based on observed insights into shopping and other lifestyle preferences. As an example, a marketer may choose to combine the shopping type “Healthy and Wealthy” (shoppers at high end/natural retail and grocery stores) with the group “Rustic Families” to create a more refined and actionable target group.

“Vistas is the next generation of lifestyle segmentation, allowing marketers to create any combination of custom audiences for a level of personalization like never before,” said Anders Ekman, President of Porch Group Media.

About Porch Group Media
Porch Group Media is an audience and marketing solutions provider that delivers insight on movers and homeowners, with more context, and greater precision than any provider in the market. Our solutions deliver early access to 90% of US homebuyers. Porch Group Media provides movers, consumer, shopping intent, auto, and property insights to deliver highly personalized, omnichannel, one-to-one marketing campaigns and outcomes across multiple industries. Learn more at www.porchgroupmedia.com


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