[press release] 2022 Marketer’s Perspective on Mover Marketing Report

Porch Group Media, A Porch Company, Unveils 2022 Marketer’s Perspective on Mover Marketing Report

Highlights Marketers’ Approach and Investment in Reaching the Mover Demographic

Nearly Half of Mover Marketing Users Admit Mover Marketing has a Significant Impact on Overall Marketing Performance


Boston, MA – Porch Group Media, a Porch Group Company, today announced the findings of the 2022 Marketer’s Perspective on Mover Marketing Report, which highlights marketers’ approach and investment in reaching consumers who are moving.

The 2022 Marketer’s Perspective on Mover Marketing Report was conducted in conjunction with Ascend2, who ran an online study in February and March 2022 of over 250 marketing professionals working for enterprise organizations in the B2C channel.

“Moving encompasses a vast range of home services with significant opportunity to engage consumers at key purchasing decision points,” said Matt Ehrlichman, Porch founder, chairman, and CEO. “Successful mover marketing programs connect with audiences to provide solutions across every stage of a move. Results from our study revealed nearly half of mover marketing users saw a significant impact on the brand’s overall marketing performance, validating the strategy’s enterprise value and reinforcing customer acquisition and retention strategies in the B2C channel.”

Key findings from the report include:

  • Who is using mover marketing strategies? Just over one-quarter (28%) of organizations have a mover marketing strategy in place and measurable and another 26% are currently rolling out a strategy.
  • Improving customer acquisition and retention. In the past year, mover marketing users have seen significant increases in both customer retention and customer acquisition compared to non-users.
  • Budgets are going toward movers. 35% of mover marketing users who have the most successful overall marketing strategies dedicate more than 20% of their marketing budget to mover marketing programs.
  • Mover marketing makes an impact. Nearly half of mover marketing users say that mover marketing has a significant impact on overall marketing performance, rating it an eight or higher on a scale of one to ten.
  • Pre-move indicators boost success. Those with a mover marketing program in place who have access to pre-move indicators as a part of their program have significantly more success.

“There is a tendency to perceive retail brands as the primary users of mover marketing programs. However, our research revealed a wide range of industries, such as automotive, financial services, insurance, telecom, local services and personal goods are employing new mover marketing and experiencing significant increases in customer acquisition and retention as a result,” said Michelle Taves, General Manager of Porch Group Media.

According to Anders Ekman, President of Porch Group Media, “Many brands are unaware of the potential in marketing to movers, believing it to be rooted in primarily one-dimensional, direct mail channels. However, modern mover marketing has evolved into a vibrant, digital and omnichannel tool.”

Ekman continued, “Brands targeting movers in marketing programs experience a 210% increase in success compared to those not using mover marketing.”

For more information and to download the report findings, click here.

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