92% of millennial movers are willing to try new brands

Are you targeting this largest and most lucrative audience of new homeowners? 

  • Receive premover insight 35% earlier than other providers 
  • Get insights into 80% of U.S. homes purchased annually
  • Orchestrate real-time marketing programs
  • Target movers with precision analytics powered by data science

Fueled by Porch technology, MoverTech allows you to target consumers with omnichannel and digital programs with confidence – before a home is even placed on the market.

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Introducing MoverTech, a new Generation of Mover Marketing

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Meet the Millennial Movers Report

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[infographic] Millennial Movers: Shopping Statistics & Online Behavior Trends

Check out this infographic featuring the latest shopping and online behavior insights on millennial new movers, based on our New Mover Trends Report, conducted with the Harris Poll.

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Mover Marketing Success Kit

Our comprehensive kit provides access to helpful resources on new mover marketing trends, strategies and tactics – all in one download.

Meet the Millennial Mover

“As the Digital Strategy Officer for a large retail chain, targeting the right online audiences is a key objective to growing our customer base. Porch Group Media offered the perfect solution. Their digital solutions team profiled our customer lists to create customized audiences unique to our organization. The customer service I received and the knowledge of the Porch Group Media team has been extraordinary. Looking forward to continued success!”

“Our new mover program is like printing money. Since the inception of our program, movers have contributed an incremental revenue boost of tens of millions. The team always goes above and beyond. I appreciate their friendly and knowledgeable staff and quick turnaround time.”

Turn New Movers into New Customers

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