Email Append

Regional Grocery Chain

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appended records outperformed CRM records


A grocery chain with over 1,300 locations has a loyalty program whose members deliver strong ROI. However, a recent audit found that over 50% of loyalty program members did not have a current email address associated.


Porch Group Media validated existing emails, replaced suspect emails, and added missing emails. A 3x email cadence was deployed to all new emails to create awareness and engagement by encouraging them to update their loyalty profile.


New emails outperformed existing emails by 1.6 times based upon 30-day revenue. These loyalty members responded favorably to the new exposure of the client’s email messaging and offers. 

National Apparel Retailer

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increase in email addresses on customer file


National apparel retailer with over 800 stores was seeking to grow e-commerce sales. Their customer file where email was present accounted for two-thirds of e-commerce sales. However, 42% of the file only had postal or mobile numbers as contact points.


Porch Group Media used all available contact points to maximize match rates to add email.


Using the existing name, postal and mobile numbers, Porch Group Media was able to provide a 22.3% lift in email