In this discussion, hosted by Luci Rainey, former SVP of Marketing at Comcast and PODS, we will hear from Michelle Taves, CEO of Porch Group Media and GM of Porch Marketing Group, and Charlie Thomas, Business Development Director at Strategus. Michelle and Charlie will discuss the changing media and advertising landscape, and how brands can get ahead by investing in retail media networks and Connected TV (CTV).

Specific Topics Include:

  • How consumer privacy is changing the future of advertising
  • An overview of how the media industry is moving away from cookies and linear TV towards retail media networks and streaming TV
  • The difference between CTV, OTT and linear TV
  • A look at movers and homeowners, two of the most influential segments your brand should be targeting
  • A look at how retail media and CTV can be used for impactful household targeting
  • An overview of the Porch Media Network and CTV targeting capability

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Connected TV

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