Rock Your Emails with the 2022 Email Marketing Best Practices Guidebook

Our Email Marketing Best Practices Guide outlines standard best practices that enhance email communications, including recommendations to ensure your emails stand out in crowded inboxes and generate ROI. 

Key topics include:

Setting Email Campaign Goals
Learn about the different types of campaign goals and how to target a specific audience with personalized messaging.

Core Components
Learn about the core components for enhancing email communication, including personalization, flexible content format, format sensing, and URLs/hyperlinks. 

Email Copy Guidelines
Email copy can make or break the success of your campaign. Learn how to write engaging email copy that increases open and click-through rates. 

Email Design Guidelines
Learn about the best practices for email design to ensure your work displays properly in all recipients’ inboxes.

Mobile-Friendly Email Design Tips
Learn how to develop accessible emails that render for both desktop and mobile email clients.

Creating Landing Pages
Effective emails link to optimized landing pages. Learn what goes into creating a high-performing landing page for your email campaign.

Download the 2022 Email Marketing Best Practices Guidebook and start rocking your emails today.

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