Postmover Data Insights

Targeting new movers offers your brand incredible customer acquisition and retention opportunities. With MoverTech’s proprietary data and comprehensive insights across the entire mover journey, your brand’s message is guaranteed to reach the right audience, on the right channels, at the right time.

MoverTech offers the most in-depth mover data set on the market, with unparalleled insights into moving consumers, their households, shopping behaviors, lifestyles, interests, property data, billions of purchase intent signals, and more.

Mover Phases

The move journey is comprised of 4 phases:

  1. Possible movers: Homeowners or renters who are actively researching move-related products and services. They may be observed browsing for moving companies, home improvement services, mortgages, and realtors but do not have a home listed for sale.
  2. Likely movers: Homeowners who have their home listed but are not definitively moving. These consumers are actively researching move-related products and services and are open to trying new brands during this time.
  3. Verified premovers: Homebuyers who have a home under contract or in inspection, and are in the moving or financing process. These movers are actively searching for and purchasing home and move-related products and services. View Infographic
  4. Postmovers: Homebuyer or renter who has completed the move. These movers are settling in and can be seen making a variety of purchase decisions for their new homes within the first 12 months of moving.

Insights on Postmovers

As you can see, movers exhibit different browsing and shopping behaviors depending on which mover phase they are in. In this infographic, we showcase the postmover data insights of persona Charlene, a mover in Porch Group Media’s Moving Up segment.

postmover data insights

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Mover Marketing Solutions

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