Connected TV (CTV) ads are a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach audiences in the streaming television landscape. There are several types of CTV ads available, each with its own unique benefits and targeting capabilities. Peter Jones, Head of Local Sales at Premion, explains in our podcast.

[Podcast] Types of CTV Ads


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Peter Jones
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*The following transcription has been adapted from The Evolution of CTV in the New Media Landscape Podcast.


Can you tell me about the different types of CTV ads? I hear a lot about pre roll.


So pre roll is also in the streaming space. I mean, a pre-roll ad is just an ad that comes before the program starts. You will have pre-roll before mid-roll new, and then a post-roll that comes afterwards. So it just depends on where the ad is being inserted.

Sometimes pre-roll can also reference short form ads, like you see on YouTube videos. When you see those ads that come up and then you can just skip it after a certain amount of time.

However, when we’re talking about the OTT space, pre-roll ads are non-skippable.


I definitely see those when I’m binge-watching Hulu. But, the ads are personalized to me so I’m kind of interested in them.


You brought up a good point. You mentioned Netflix. So, one of the biggest questions that I get asked, is when these headlines come out and, Oh, Netflix is introducing an ad model, or Disney Plus, is introducing an ad model, or HBO Max.

So, while these are great, sexy brands, and I will say, I subscribe to all those – their ad models do take a long time to build out. Because first, users have to adopt. You have to have the people come in. It is a crawl before you can run type of strategy. I bet if we put everybody on this call, if they had the Netflix ad supported tear on your subscription, not many people who have signed up for it yet. So, I mean, it can take a year or two, just before there’s enough scale, to target some of these local markets.

While everyone loves the brands, Netflix, and HBO Max, and Disney Plus, there’s just not enough inventory to help support the business. You’ll see a bunch of national brands on there. But once you look into like a local market, you might not see as much local insertion on those platforms because there’s just not a lot of scale, especially when they launch.

Sorry if I went down the rabbit hole on that one, but I just get questions about those brands. 


Great education. I think, which is why we’re all here today, to really become educated on how this is evolving.


Actually, I have my own question that kind of spins off of that. Do you have any information on how many subscriptions the average household may have?


There have been some articles that said like 9.6, and then there was one recently that said I think it was almost 11. That’s total streaming. So that’s everything from your Netflix is on down to your Plutos and Tubis, etc.

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