2022 New Movers: How Digital Advertising Influences Purchase Decisions

We’ve all found ourselves viewing and even purchasing that unique or needed item that popped up in our feed at the right time. In fact, new research shows that new movers respond favorably to social media advertising and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns.

New Movers’ Likelihood to Purchase Through Social Media Advertising & SEM Campaigns

Nearly two-thirds of new movers say they would be influenced to make a purchase based on a social media ad and a search engine ad. In addition, we’ve found that they are likely to make a purchase from a social media ad (65%) as well as a search engine ad (58%). These numbers offer great insight for businesses as they look at their overall advertising spend and budget for upcoming campaigns.

Source: 2022 New Mover Trends Report

Breaking it down even further, let’s look at the numbers as they relate to social media and SEM from our 2022 New Mover Trends Report.

How New Movers are Influenced by Social Media Advertising

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. offer opportunities for brands to place paid ads in front of targeted consumers. This form of advertising is becoming increasingly popular and valuable as we see that 61% of new movers say they would be influenced to make a purchase based on a social media ad, and 65% believe they would make purchases through these ads.

How New Movers are Influenced by Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing has similar numbers. Search engine ads seen on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. also offer targeted ad placement to help brands find their way to the most appropriate consumers. We’ve found that 62% of new movers said that these ads would influence them to make a purchase and 58% believe they would take the step of purchasing through these ads.

Since nearly half (49%) of new movers use social media several times a day or more often, and more than half (56%) of all new movers have purchased from a social media ad, it’s clear this is an important piece of your mover marketing plan that should be optimized.

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What are New Movers Purchasing?

To put it into perspective exactly “what” is being purchased: almost everything. New movers are researching and shopping online for everything from new solar power solutions to new sheets, to organizational tools, to do-it-yourself kits for home improvement, to new doctors in their new community. We’ve broken down more about this in our New Mover Shopping Behaviors in 2022” blog. Chances are if your brand offers a good or service that is utilized inside the home, for the home, or for individuals moving to a new area, these forms of mover marketing are for you.

How to Leverage New Mover Marketing to Boost Customer Acquisition

At Porch Group Media, our Signals Technology identifies what new movers are searching for and matches mover segments to robust consumer insights in order to help brands target the right people, in the right places, at the right time. Since many new movers are now searching and even purchasing online, our deep insights and precise targeting abilities allow us to define high-performing target audiences to help your business grow. Knowing who to serve an ad to is the key to generating the return-on-investment brands are seeking. With a targeted campaign and clear call to action, brands have the ability to capture information that can lead to even more tailored ads, coupons, and communication making the consumer feel like they’ve found a solution for what they have been searching for.

Since new movers rely heavily on the internet to research and inform their purchase decisions, brands need a strong digital presence. In addition to a mover marketing plan, prioritizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and garnering good customer reviews is essential to putting the full picture together for consumers. Brands should be easy to find, portray a clear and consistent message, and have the positive reviews new movers are seeking when embarking on this new journey.

Proprietary New Mover Audience & Marketing Solutions

At Porch Group Media, we understand new movers: who they are, what they’re shopping for, and how to target them. Our new mover audiences are enhanced with rich insights into consumer preferences, lifestyles, interests, property data, and billions of purchase intent signals for unparalleled insights. Contact us today to learn how we can help you start turning new movers into new customers.

Download the 2022 New Mover Trends Report

Download the 2022 New Mover Trends Report to explore the state of today’s new movers and uncover valuable opportunities to reach this lucrative audience of in-market shoppers.

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