Mover Marketing Challenge #5: Buy-In From Leadership

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Podcast Guest: Luci Rainey

Luci Rainey, former SVP of Marketing at PODS and Comcast, joins us to offer her insights and real-world experience on how to overcome the challenges of mover marketing and leverage your program to its full potential.

*The following content has been adapted from Porch Group Media’s Movers and Shakers Podcast

Challenge #5: Getting Buy-In From Leadership

Luci: Getting buy-in from leadership took me a while.  We spend so much money on marketing anyway. So why do we need to focus on movers? Why do we need to grow our budget to support movers? 

It took time to convince leadership that this was important. I think the tipping point was being able to communicate specifically how movers affected the business overall. What are the gains and losses based on a mover segment on a monthly basis? When you can really start to communicate that, you can spread the message that movers are important.

The tipping point was being able to communicate specifically how movers affected the business overall. What are the gains and losses based on the mover segment? When you can start to communicate that and spread the message that movers are important, it’s not hard to then convince your leadership team.

I think a lightbulb went off when we really were able to get specific numbers tied to business gains and losses as it related to movers. You can also show tests that you’ve done and how your ROI is better or ROAS is more effective, or maybe your cost per sales are lower. If you can get buy-in, then you can start thinking about shifting investment to support movers.

A good time to start these communications is at the beginning of the year so you can get a good six months of communication in before budget season starts. Once budgeting starts, you’ve done your communications, you’ve done some testing and you can share that with your leadership.

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