Mover Marketing Challenge #2: Making Data Actionable

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Podcast Guest: Luci Rainey

Luci Rainey, former SVP of Marketing at PODS and Comcast, joins us to offer her insights and real-world experience on how to overcome the challenges of mover marketing and leverage your program to its full potential.

*The following content has been adapted from Porch Group Media’s Movers and Shakers Podcast

Challenge #2: Making Data Actionable

Luci: No company is without data. In fact, most companies have a lot of data. But what do you do with that data? How does that data provide you with insights? How do you turn that insight into action? Essentially, you need to build the case to start testing and reaching out to consumers and leveraging all your different tactics.

This is not necessarily just a mover marketing problem. This is often a problem in general for marketers. They have so much data. How do you make it actionable? What’s the most important data?

This is important to know for the move process to inform your strategies. If you map your customer journeys, some of the most important data are those signals that somebody is getting ready to move, the timing of their move, and the “move to and from” location. Those are really the most imperative pieces of data that you want to look at for your campaigns, in addition to how do you talk to your movers differently. And they should be talked to differently. They’re in a different mindset. 

Moving is stressful. There’s a lot to do. There’s no way to really aggregate all that needs to be done during a move. It’s a really heavy lift when somebody moves. As marketers, the more you can make that easy for consumers, the more likely you’re going to be to attract the mover.

Making data actionable is the number two thing that marketers say is a huge challenge for them. So you can imagine, if you don’t have the data, it’s hard to then take the data and make it actionable.

I look at where I would start. I’d start simple. I like to keep things straightforward and start with the most simple things. Start with items that don’t even cost you anything. For example, start with email subject lines, email content, and even segmentation.

These are all things that don’t cost any additional budget. You can also look at developing SEO content specifically for movers – especially if you can localize it.  You can also take your existing paid search spend and do some testing with local messaging that really speaks to movers.

You have to be careful and not do generic mover testing because that is such a huge, robust area of paid search and can become expensive. You need to make it more contextual. But there are so many things you can do with that data to make it actionable that don’t necessarily cost you budget. As you get more sophisticated and have learnings, then you can talk about where to invest.

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