Millennial New Mover Report

Millennials have now become the largest generation of U.S. homebuyers.

For the majority of millennials, this is their first home buying experience—representing a major milestone in this generations’ lives.

New research from Porch Group Media and Porch, conducted by The Harris Poll uncovers key insights on this generation’s spending habits throughout the entire moving journey.

Key Topics

  • Time in months before a move that millennials researched services
  • What services millennials anticipate finding a provider for within the first 12 months of moving
  • Average amount spent on products and services
  • Timing of item purchases
  • Timing of change of service providers
  • Top home improvement projects
  • What entices millennial new movers to try new brands
  • Research methods millennial new movers use to find new brands
  • What products and services millennial new movers are most likely to try a new brand for & more

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