Porch Group Media Leadership Insights: Why Mover Marketing Matters

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Meet Michelle Taves

Michelle Taves serves as Group GM of Porch Marketing, leading the integrated marketing strategy of Porch Group Media and fellow Porch company, Welcome Wagon. Along with serving as the Group GM, Michelle serves as General Manager of Porch Group Media, overseeing the company’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations. Following the acquisition of Porch Group Media by Porch Group, Michelle played a key role in establishing Porch Group Media as a leading product innovator in mover marketing and today is a member of the Porch Group’s senior leadership team.

With over 30 years of product, marketing, and leadership experience, Michelle has developed an in-depth knowledge of product strategy and development, operational efficiency management, omnichannel campaign execution, first-party marketing solutions, and audience development best practices including sourcing, privacy, availability, and reliability.

*The following content has been adapted from Porch Group Media’s Movers and Shakers Podcast

What Does Mover Marketing Matter? | Porch Group Media Leadership Insights with Michelle Taves

Michelle: Why does mover marketing matter? I think this is a question that’s on the minds of a lot of brands—probably because they regard mover marketing in the same old way—single channel, older data, less insight into the consumer and what they’re interested in. But today, the definition of mover marketing is radically different than a lot of marketers think it is. So, why does it matter?

The move represents a valuable opportunity to engage with a dynamic, in-market audience. At Porch Group Media and Porch, we’ve done a lot of research into both what consumers are interested in and when they buy, and how much they spend. So, how do marketers leverage mover marketing? And what impact does this have on their customer acquisition and retention efforts?

The move is the biggest “permission to spend” life event in marketing.

On average, consumers spend more than $11,000 on various items and services during the move. Additionally, this spending activity takes place within a very, very short period. The other thing that is fascinating about movers which presents a huge opportunity for brands, is, that 90% of movers tell us that they are willing to switch brands when they move.

So, what do you have? You’ve got an enormous amount of spending power.

You also have a lot of grand mobility, the ultimate jump ball, if you will, for marketers. The other thing that we’ve done at Porch Group Media and Porch, is a lot of precision research on mover buying interests and timing with The Harris Poll. We encourage you to download our Annual Mover Trends Report or talk to us about the insights that we have around timing and spending behavior.

What we’ve found, sorted, and netted out is that there is a lot of spending that gets concentrated in the pre-move. About half of the spending that takes place with movers happens before the move versus what the conventional wisdom has been, which is after the move.

So, back to the new definition of mover marketing, and why it matters. Well, it matters because there’s a lot of money at play. A lot of brand switching that goes on, and increasingly, now, there is a lot of insight into what consumers will buy and when and how. And so, that’s kind of number one from just a consumer opportunity standpoint. There is an enormous amount of opportunity well beyond what brands have thought to be the case.

Now, let’s discuss to the other side of it from a B2B standpoint.

We recently fielded the 2022 Marketers Perspective on Mover Marketing survey with Ascend2. We found that who have a mover marketing program perform better in customer acquisition and customer retention than those that don’t. It’s a direct relationship. And the inverse is true, too. Marketers who do not have a mover marketing program tend to underperform in acquisition and retention. So, why this is? Sure, there are a lot of variables, but the facts on mover marketing are compelling and clear. Leveraging omnichannel mover marketing programs supported with rich consumer insights has an enormous amount to do with whether you’ll be successful as a marketing organization.

Now, there probably is some commentary to be made here about the maturity and the advancements of each marketing organization, and where they are on the curve. But I think that if you, as a marketer, can lean hard into mover marketing, you’ll put yourself in a great position to take advantage of all that spending power and brand switching behavior, and your numbers in acquisition and retention will, no doubt, go up.

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