How Apple Privacy Changes Have Affected ROI & Ad Spend

How Apple Privacy Changes Have Affected ROI & Ad Spend

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Luci: The Apple privacy change has everyone talking and they are making a lot of change in the industry – just one company. Just a few months ago, I read in a Forbes article that the Apple privacy changes slashed the average mobile advertisers ROI by 40%.  That’s significant in today’s age, especially considering how much marketers count on mobile advertising to reach consumers and they are used to that mobile and digital advertising capability being highly segmented and highly addressable.

They also published that this caused a drop in ad spend by about 25%, and also cost major companies like Facebook and Snap real revenue and real valuation. This is a big topic with big implications for advertising companies and marketers alike. 

Todd, you are the digital analytics expert at Porch Group Media. We’re going to dig into this a little deeper but what are your initial thoughts?

Todd: The really interesting, or even scary part of this, is that this is just the beginning. All of those changes have been made and one of the biggest of them all will be Google shutting off cross-site cookies on their Chrome browser.

If you think the changes that have already happened were significant, wait to see what happens when they do that. It’s a topic that keeps me busy and I’m sure a lot of people on the call or on the webinar today are in the same boat.

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