Consumer Privacy Concerns

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*This content has been adapted from our full-length Movers and Shakers podcast, The Impact of Apple Privacy Changes on Digital Marketing.

Luci: From talking to my kids, for Gen Z and maybe younger millennials, privacy doesn’t seem to be as much of a concern for them. According to one survey I saw, for 13%, or just over one in ten people, privacy is not top of mind. What are your thoughts on this, Todd? 

Todd: Less than half of consumers trust online services. However, what’s interesting about this is that everybody has continual access to online services through their mobile phones. With almost half of consumers not trusting those services, I think that speaks volumes about how privacy is a concern.

With the privacy changes that Apple has made, they haven’t just subtlety done this in the background so as not to scare anybody, but these changes are front and center in order to protect consumers. This is just the beginning. Consumers value those online services, even if they don’t completely trust them.

If you went back to the dawn of the Internet, it was all about trust. If you fired up that old dial up service and heard the AOL song, you just had to trust that you were secure and were receiving content in a way in which you didn’t think anything bad was going to happen.

But now, it’s flipped – these services are so endemic to the way we live our lives and people can openly talk about what is safe and alright for people to track. Did I really consent to these sorts of activities that I’m doing to be stored and warehoused? I’m not sure where we’ll end up on that conversation, but it’s certainly a much different topic than it was 25 years ago.

Luci: I agree. So much more is done online today that has personal implications for people. Just think of all the banking and your investments, and if brands are tracking everything on your mobile phone, how important privacy and protection really is to consumers.

I think the risk people feel today is obviously much greater when there was more of a physical walled garden, I’ll say, versus a digital walled garden.

Todd: We’ve come a long way. Something like 15 years ago, the most common password was “password”. You go from that to today where everyone understands and knows exactly what two-factor authentication means.

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