The Customer Experience: Delivering More Than Just a Product

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Meet Jennifer Renaud

Jennifer Renaud, SVP and CMO of Masonite, has spent her career building brands at large enterprise companies like Microsoft and Oracle. She is currently tackling evolving a 100-year-old brand, Masonite, and changing what doors mean to consumers. 

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The Customer Experience: Delivering More Than Just a Product

Host: I want to talk about your Doors That Do More idea. I was on your website to understand how you’re messaging about your product. You talk about the customer experience as an outward thing. It’s amazing to me. It really does feel like you captured the imagination of the company, and everything is working together to deliver something great that’s more than just a product.

Jennifer: Yeah, absolutely. Let’s think about how people engage with doors.  Like, what does your front door mean to you? If I asked you, what does your front door mean to you, how would you describe it? 

Host: It’s a very symbolic entry to your house, right? It’s not just a thing.

Jennifer: Right. It’s representative of you and your style. It can be a representation of making you feel safer. There are a lot of ways to think about your doors. So, when we think about Doors That Do More, we’re really talking about a differentiated product. It’s about creating products and differentiating them in a way that will make you say, “I want that because it is, in fact, something that’s more for me.”

I think this is true for absolutely any product. For example, if you’re on Amazon and you’re browsing for shirts, you’re going to look for styles that are representative of you. And, the smarter Amazon gets with its marketing based on your browsing and purchase behavior, the more it’s going to display items that you actually like. The same goes for any level of advertising. Doors aren’t any different.

Host: Yes. Because you’re engaging consumers in a way that’s more experiential, have your channels morphed? I’m interested in hearing about how this has influenced Masonite’s marketing mix of channels.

Jennifer: The marketing mix channels are absolutely changing and we’re trying different things all the time. We’re looking at what non-door manufacturers and non-building supply companies are doing and saying, what’s working there and why? And, is there something we can learn from what others are doing?

Host: Exactly. Let’s talk about customer segments. Is there anything other insights around customers and how you’re segmenting them that you can share? 

Jennifer: We really look at how our customers think about their homes. For example, HGTV has different TV shows for different types of homeowners, right? 

Another way we look at our customers is to investigate the triggers. Why would a homeowner change out a door or all of their doors? What would be a trigger to cause that?  I think for all of us it’s helpful to better understand what those triggers look like. So, a great mover example is before you list your house, you go through and make sure the doors, roof, windows, etc. are perfect so you can get maximum dollars, right? And, when you move to a new home, you want to make it perfect because you’ve just moved.

Host: Yeah, indeed. Obviously, we’ve got a strong focus on movers here Porch Group Media. Are movers important to Masonite?

Jennifer: Absolutely. I think it’s a really important trigger for making changes in your home, both before and after you move.

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