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I love the fact that CTV allows precise targeting, and good mix integration that takes data and signals so I can really see the benefit of this partnership. Michelle, we haven’t heard from you yet. Tell us why you’re excited about this partnership.


I had the opportunity to meet Charlie at a trade show, and it was just by happenstance that we happened to sit next to each other and started talking about our different businesses and what we do as you do in those networking opportunities.

We got really excited about working with Strategus. First of all, they have a managed service approach to CTV, which we find super helpful for a lot of our customers.

You’re not just putting it into a black box and just letting it go and do its thing, right? You’re actually watching it, making sure that it’s working. There’s a full dashboard and measurement capability associated that Strategus offers. And then it’s all about that individual audience. And the ability to target at both a local level and also at a national level.

Our customers at Porch Group Media rank across the board and so we wanted to be able to have a partner that would hook into all the other marketing capabilities that we already have. And be able to supply it across all of our customers.

A lot of times when people think of TV they think of things like the Super Bowl ads which you need like a million dollars to even get started and Strategus really gave us the opportunity to partner with someone who can offer it across the board. 

We’re all about measurement and proving that the marketing is working and adding the value to the customer because if we can’t do that, it’s not worth it, right? And Strategus, they’re just the perfect partner to do that.


Michelle, you made a really good second point, which is that the audience targeting is so important and such a differentiator. And, again, back to strategic certainty, that is the measurement piece. Anything you measure, you can improve.

And it’s that combination of better target audiences and the measurement that just becomes a loop of continuous improvement.


Yeah, I think it almost changes the story a bit. Because a lot of people in the past have always thought of linear TV as branding, right? And with this, you can get farther than just branding because you can measure it. Branding is still highly important, but you can also get into engagement interests. Really understanding if it provided a direct correlation and an interaction for that brand. Which is just really exciting, and I think a complete differentiated approach, compared to some of the other companies that we’ve talked to.


I went to a Direct-to-Consumer Conference last week in Austin, which is fascinating because there are the brands that started with digital and they start at the bottom of the funnel, and they sell online. They go direct to consumer, but then as they mature, they move into retail channels, either selling through regular retailers or even setting up their own stores.

One of the main themes was as they mature, they now need to build their brand and they naturally go into connected television because that’s how they think. They can put an ad at the top of the funnel for branding through CTV, but then also measure the impact all the way down the funnel.


The ability to precisely target now a TV is just becoming fascinating.  I think we were all fascinated when digital started to be able to do it more and more effectively with programmatic. And now to be able to take that same formula and leverage it in TV is a new game.

Again, I keep bringing up these small and medium-sized companies that maybe couldn’t afford to do this. They didn’t have the targeting capabilities, and they couldn’t really afford to do more of that.

I worked for large and small companies, both, and definitely when your budgets are tighter, they want to understand where the dollars are going. And so that gets tough in linear TV when you’re trying to sell it and document that payback. I love what the two of you are doing in your partnership together.

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