Convergence of the Offline and Online Car Shopping Experience

Online car shopping is making its move in the car buying industry. Shoppers are now able to research, shop, and even estimate prices and payments. In some instances, the entire buying experience is available online, and visiting a dealership isn’t even necessary.


We know that there is a big convergence of the online and offline experience.

You know, the question is, have these dealers mapped their customer journey, and are they pivoting to meet their customers digitally? Amy more sales are going to happen online.

How do we how do we know this? I mean, you can’t really, I guess in some small cases, you can buy a car, online. You got to test drive it and all that. I mean, what’s going on online now with these car shoppers?


Most everyone at this point is making their decisions online, doing all their research, making their decisions. And then going to test drive as a final step before they purchase.

Or not test driving at all. But most people still want to test drive, but everything up until that point they want to figure out and have settled before they even get there. The name of the game right now is easy as possible, make it as easy as possible.

Everyone through the pandemic has really gotten used to having things brought to them, handed to them. Convenience has become such a large part of our decision making.

So, we really need to get to potential car buyers while they’re still on the couch before they’ve ever stepped foot outside the house. We need to get them virtually and get them early.

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