Consumer Privacy and The Future of Digital Marketing

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*This content has been adapted from our full-length Movers and Shakers video podcast, The Impact of Apple Privacy Changes on Digital Marketing.

There’s been a huge impact on how advertising has been affected. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

I think it is a step change and it is still pending regarding how these walled gardens are being affected. Innovative brands like Facebook, YouTube, Snap, and Twitter are good at innovation, but you see what’s happened to their ad revenue.

However, there hasn’t been a big hit to Apple, which is key to the whole thing because if you think about it holistically, Apple is a subscription-based model or a micro transaction-based model. That’s how they monetize their tech.

Companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, or Snap are all ad models. They hope that they can attract attention and eyeballs, and then advertisers will talk to the consumers that they want to reach.
It’s two different business models that have been co-operating for a long time.

Now there’s a shift where those companies are a bit more opposed than they used to be because Apple’s revenues are secure with their subscription-based model. YouTube’s are not, Snaps are not, and Facebook’s are not.

It’ll be interesting to see how they adapt. Facebook changing to Meta might be an indicator that it’s looking at the next iteration of the digital economy and what that means.

That might allow some of these content creators to become subscription models, which in effect, cuts out Apple a bit as the gatekeeper. It’s certainly interesting and scary at the same time.

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