Breaking Up with Cookies: What’s Next?

February 2024  –  32 min, 21 sec

Episode Summary

The demise of cookies is officially underway. On January 4th, Google began phasing out cookies, starting with a limited test to restrict cookies for 1% of Chrome users. By the end of 2024, Google plans to eradicate cookies for the entire Chrome user base.

What does this mean for marketers? It’s time to dump cookies and embrace new privacy-compliant marketing strategies. In this podcast, our team will provide guidance and recommendations on how to adapt to the new privacy landscape and make a seamless transition to cookieless marketing. 

Key Topics

  • Strategies to ethically cultivate and leverage zero- and first-party data
  • Best alternatives to third-party cookies in 2024
  • How to use predictive modeling to understand consumer intent
  • The importance of leveraging an all-party data strategy across channels
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