5 Strategies to Maximize Your Marketing Impact in 2024

March 2024  –  28 min, 46 sec

Episode Summary

In 2024, marketers are facing several challenges, including cookie deprecation, evolving privacy regulations, and budget constraints. 

In this podcast hosted by Larisa Bedgood, Head of Marketing at Porch Group Media, we will hear from Michelle Taves, GM of Porch Marketing Group on strategies our team of experts is finding success with, as well as what we are recommending to clients to maximize their marketing performance.

Key Topics

  1. Learn how to implement an “all-party data” strategy
  2. Get data quality tips to elevate campaign performance
  3. Explore the competitive advantages of leveraging new mover marketing
  4. Learn about the benefits of adding CTV to your media mix
  5. Discover how to modernize your direct mail marketing strategies
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