The Importance of Investing in First-Party Data

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Investing in first-party data is really what a lot of the discussion is about now for marketers and their BI teams or their analytics teams. When you think about approaching a client, and they’re asking for advice and help with their infrastructure, what are some of the first things that you talk to them about regarding building first-party data? 

Most businesses have some basic information about their customers. But as you know, businesses need to go deeper to find those key pieces of data to better understand buying signals and to create more efficient marketing that then translates to better sales ROI. How do you go about doing this? 

It’s really about a single source audience with rich identity elements and then mapping those audiences to descriptive elements so you can then make your advertising relevant to the right consumers

At Porch Group Media, we are well suited to do this in the sense that we are a traditional consumer data provider, and we’ve always helped brands reach consumers based on hard identity elements, such as an address, which we call a mailbox, or an email, which is an inbox.

On the martech side, we have gone through those permission-based ways of understanding consumer privacy and making sure that they have opt-out rights and those sorts of things. We have been persistent across these changes.

We have real, addressable and mapped consumers where alternately, some brands may be using other types of solutions such as using market research to understand key demographics and how they stack up to all the consumers available in the US.

It’s like the CPG example. They’ve been developing this data lake strategy for decades now, which was a way of getting raw transactional feeds into a data lake for analytic purposes in order to really elevate how they could do a marketing mix model.

Instead of working solely with anonymous identifiers for analytics, there are ways in a privacy central manner, in an encrypted environment, to map to a consumer ID that can be tied to activation in programmatic and connected TV.

In some ways, that’s the ultimate investment in first-party data.

This can also be supplemented with a dialog with your most valuable consumers such as loyalty programs or newsletters.  How can you get your most valuable customers to raise their hand and have a direct relationship with you in a way that they’ll be willing to provide these identity elements to you because they want to receive that two-way communication.

I think that’s what investing in first-party data is all about.


I think so often, we as marketers are so focused on prospecting but it’s just as important to understand those signals of your current customers. I know Porch Group Media talks a lot about the advantage data has on retention marketing and being able to understand what your current customers might be thinking and planning for retention activities, which really is a lot less expensive than acquisition.

It really is about keeping your first-party data rich and up to date with the right descriptive elements to even start to see those signals and make those predictions regarding retention of your current customers as well as around new prospects you might need to attract.

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