New Mover Marketing for Financial Service Providers

Porch Group Media recently conducted a new mover research study with The Harris Poll and uncovered some insightful stats on today’s new movers and their financial habits.

The move represents a transition point in consumers’ lives, where many major decisions are being made — including seeking mortgage lenders, switching banks, and finding new financial service providers. And, with more than 30 million people on average in the U.S. moving each year, the new mover audience has proven to be a massive and highly lucrative opportunity for financial service providers to boost customer acquisition and curb attrition.

With MoverTech, financial service providers can:

  • Identify customers that are in the moving process
  • Identify move to and from addresses 2 to 6 weeks before the move, along with property data insights
  • Identify and engage with consumers who are browsing for their services
  • Target new movers with omnichannel and digital programs throughout the entire move journey

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